Top Working Kodi addons

Several add-ons and repository repositories last month, including Elysium, Looking Glass and The Pyramid. Here is a list of updated work for the best current work supplements.

Kodi’s accessories constantly change with the old ones who were often the best, sometimes replaced by new ones.

This page is periodically updated to reflect the changes and show the best Kodi plug-ins that are currently running.

We use surveys, tests and user feedback to show which modules are the best and most popular.

Last month, Neptune Rising was again the big winner of the survey.
TOP BEST WORKING KODI complements list March 2018
Make sure to take the new survey below and vote for your favorite module.

So many addons are available on Kodi but some of them are not working very well. Now we will see the best working kodi addons among all the addons.

Top 10 best working addons list.
1. Neptune Rising
2. Genesis Reborn Updated 3-4-2018
3. Placenta
4. Covenant XvBMC Repo
5. Raid
6. Maverick TV
7. Supremacy
8. SkyNet
9. The beasts of dogs
10. Juggernaut NEW

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New survey of March 2018

What is the best Kodi supplement in March 2018?

Neptune Rising

Genesis Reborn




Maverick TV




I am Absolem


Bollocks dogs

Star Tec

In the Flix


The Best Kodi Work List Complete for March 2018

Neptune Rising

Neptune Rising is a Poseidon holder of the Blamo depot.

Play movies and TV shows with constantly updated code that attracts many links.

Since its introduction, it has quickly become a favorite for many.

Neptune Rising is an excellent supplement that has been updated and is currently working very well.

How to install Neptune Rising

Genesis Reborn

Genesis Reborn is a popular Genesis complement bifurcation with the updated work code.

As it comes from the Genesis code, it has the same design and the same options as Genesis / Exodus before.

It is a good complement to have and has been updated continuously, most recently on 3-4-2018.

How to install Genesis Reborn

Covenant is a very popular add-on that the Colossus main deposit has closed.

This means that the popular Covenant will not receive more updates from the Colossus team.

If you already have Covenant installed, it will still work, but as they are broken, they will not work.

A Repo called XvBMC is available to install Covenant.


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